Mauritius Visitors Guide
Mauritius Travelguide Mauritius Travelguide Mauritius Travelguide
Mauritius Travelguide
Mauritius Time:

12 h 24 h

Mauritius Travelguide
Mauritius Travelguide Mauritius Travelguide Mauritius Travelguide

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Traveller Hints:

You can use your electronic devices just like you are used to in Europe.
European plugs with two circular metal pins, as well as
British-style plug with two flat blades and one flat grounding blade. Power supply is 220V or 125V.

About the Season

The summer in Mauritius is basically during European winter, and vice versa.
More precisely, Mauritian winter is from May to November. This doesn't mean that there will be snow, and temperatures below zero! For many tourists, this is the ideal visiting time, since the air is less sticky. There is less humidity and rain, and temperatures are around 23° Celsius.
The least agreeable period is from December to April. Cyclones may visit the island, the temperature most likely above 30° Celsius. The air is humid, and ther may be heavy rain during a few days.

In December or March, the waters are at their clearest, so best time for diving.
June to August are known to be the best months for surfing, and October to April is good for big game fishing, when the large predators feed close to shore.
Mauritius can be visited through all the year. Peak season is Christmas and New Year.
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